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"I’ve sat down to watch the video about a dozen times now, and I’m still speechless. It’s just beautiful. You did an amazing job capturing such an incredible day, and I’ve just run out of words that describe how it feels watching the way you’ve immortalized the best day of our lives (I’m getting teary again!)

So many people have told me I looked like a Disney princess, which although was not the look I was going for, is definitely how I felt. You’ve given us our fairytale, and I am truly stunned by (excuse the repetitiveness!) how beautiful it is. The music, the transitions, the actual footage taken, the attention to’s just perfect. Scott looks so handsome and happy, you really captured those loving tender moments as well as the happy excited ones. It’s just wonderful. 


Thank you so much for what you’ve given us."



"Our expectations were sky-high... we can honestly tell you that we were completely blown away by this video!!! You completely hit this out of the ballpark, omg!! It brought us both to tears not just once but both times we watched it. You perfectly captured the key moments of the day and brought them together into a beautiful and seamless story. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to hear our first-look letters and family speeches again. It returned us to our wedding day and allowed us to relive the intensity of the emotions we felt that day. 

We feel that you are extremely talented and have an incredible ability to bring words and images together to illustrate magical moments of deep emotion. We are so happy to have had the chance to include you in our special day. We cannot thank you enough for giving us this precious memento that we will treasure forever!!

A huge thank you again for being such an integral part of our day."



"We are in awe. I’m seriously wiping away the tears and holding back the ugly cry (in the best way). It’s unreal. I can’t imagine how much time and effort you both have put into this. We are BEYOND thankful and just so in love with your work. 

Ahh thank you a million times. Wow wow wow! 

This is next level. You honestly captured our day in THE most special way. 

Thank you so much."



"HOLY F%$&!! This is so amazing. We just watched the video together crying and laughing and we are both besides ourselves.  Thank you both so so very much - it is beyond anything we could have expected (Stef is still sobbing uncontrollably with joy right now!).

You guys captured everything so wonderfully, and the edit is perfect.  Thank you so much for such an incredible gift."



"We are both too speechless for coherent thoughts. Let me catch my breath....

We cannot begin to thank you two enough for this. We are honored. We are touched. And we are so lucky that everything aligned in such a fortuitous way. We just dried our eyes, poured a glass of wine, and are about to hit play for our second of countless viewings. Thank you so much for helping us re-live that day. It has started to feel surreal, as though it was a dream. Your creativity and vision is unmatched. 

With appreciation and love"



"Lauren and I just popped a bottle of champagne and watched the video. Video isn’t the right word because it truly was a story and you did such an incredible job of presenting it. It brought us back to our wedding day and all of the special moments we had came rushing back like it was just yesterday. It’s pretty incredible how something that was almost 3 months ago now could feel like it just happened and remind us how amazing the entire day really was. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."



"Wow, Jono and I were moved beyond words last night when we watched it (twice!) Words cannot express how well you captured our day.

It definitely brought back the feelings of excitement all over again when we had the chance to share it on Facebook (especially for some of the relatives & friends that couldn’t make it).

Jono and I both feel like the best money we spent was having you guys make our video, it captured the day so perfectly and it was such a whirlwind for Jono especially, I know he really appreciated the chance to relive so many moments of the day."



"Oh my god! you guys... we are not crying, you're crying.

This is incredible, honestly it's 100 times better than we expected. It's like reliving that day and all the emotions and things that we went through.

Ps. every time I was trying to pay attention to the subtitles I couldn't because my attention was caught by the beautiful shots you took and the emotional editing you did, just woow! 

Thank you so so much for making this memory last forever in such a beautiful way!"



"Jesse and Karen are undeniably amazing at what they do. We just received our wedding film and were absolutely blown away by the footage they captured. They captured everything we could of ever imagined from our wedding day, right down to the true authenticity of our story.

They both went above and beyond any expectation we would have ever imagined. From handling the 30 degree plus temperatures to chasing a wasp out of my dress!

We cannot thank them enough for giving us the most amazing gift of all. A Wedding Film that we can watch time and time again to relive what will be one of the most amazing days of our lives. Thank you both so so much - we are beyond grateful."



"We have watched it 4 times and counting. We love it! Cried all 4 times.

Love love love love, can’t say enough good things about it. Can’t sleep because I just want to keep watching it.

Words can’t describe how happy we are with it! You guys knocked it out of the park! Absolutely awesome! Thank you so so so much!!! 



"Oh my goodness we cried watching this! You both did such an amazing job at capturing us! You guys took our breathe away we are in awe how amazingly talented you two are! We can’t thank you enough for making this film we will cherish forever!!

We can’t wait to share this with our loved ones!!! Thank you thank you!! 

We can’t believe this is ours to keep forever"



"Jesse, Karen and the Painted Sky team are absolutely incredible! We just received our wedding film and are completely blown away by what they have created. They captured all of the beauty of our wedding day, while keeping the story authentic, captivating, and genuinely "us".

Initially, we weren't going to prioritize videographers into our wedding budget but HOLY COW we are so happy we picked Painted Sky and have something to look back on for years to come. From the music, to the content, to the impeccably edited storyline, we absolutely love our film.

Thank you so much Jesse and Karen! We are so grateful."



"Karen and Jesse are such wonderful, artistic people with some MAD videography skills. I was hesitant to hire on videographers due to budget limits, but my mom worked tirelessly to convince me otherwise. Now that everything is said and done, I can't imagine not having had them a part of the wedding process.

The final cut really captures our goofiness and tells our story, while also capturing wonderful detail shots of the flowers, the ceremony, and the property. The resulting product blew us away, and it's icing on the cake that they're super rad people, too.

I would 100% recommend them if you are looking for a Vancouver Island videography team! Thanks Karen and Jesse for immortalizing our wedding in such a beautiful, fun way!"




I feel like I do not have the right words to say thank you enough. It is so amazing to be able to watch that film and experience all of those wonderful emotions from our wedding.

I just want to have it on replay on a big screen forever. I might have to get a bigger TV. So wonderful.

Thank you thank you thank you!!"



"We can’t put into words how much we appreciate the video you made for us of our big day.

On the day of our wedding there was so much going on and so many emotions that it went by so incredibly fast. The video you created captured all the best details of our day and allows us to re live them whenever we want.

So thank you again! 🙏🏼😍"


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