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  • Why should I get a wedding film?
    5, 10, 20 years from now when the memories start to fade, how will you look back on your wedding day? We had always heard "your wedding day is a blur, it goes by in a flash!" but we never could have imagined how true this statement is until we got married ourselves. This is the biggest reason why couples who don’t get a wedding film regret it. We produce memories to look back on for the rest of your life, and that is priceless. While an amazing wedding photographer is an absolute MUST, there are some things photos just can’t capture. A wedding film is the only way to remember the beautiful vows you and your partner shared, the heartfelt speeches given by your loved ones, and the overall emotion of your special day. Not every wedding film is made the same so it's so important to do your research and hire filmmakers whose work you connect with. Our wedding films are very story-driven, which means we always incorporate audio elements such as your vows, the officiant’s readings, and loved ones’ speeches. We take a lot of pride in our skills as storytellers. Another thing to think about is the fact that your wedding film isn’t just for the two of you to enjoy, it’s a family heirloom; something to share with your future children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren so they can learn about your love story!
  • How much do your services cost?
    Investment for 2024 weddings starts at $5,500. We use the word investment because a wedding film grows in value over time. Your photos and video are the only things that will live on past the wedding day itself. Pricing ranges depending if you would like to do any of our add-on options! Depending on the location of your wedding venue, travel fees may apply. We also have special packages available for elopements. Please contact us for a detailed pricing guide!
  • There are many videographers around - why should we hire Painted Sky Films?
    As with any product or service, you invest in quality. Our clients understand the value of what we produce; they know with certainty they will receive a high quality film that gives them all the feels. Not only are our films visually beautiful, but where we feel we truly stand out is our storytelling! It’s so important to hire experienced professionals who have an amazing portfolio of work that you actually enjoyed viewing. If watching a complete stranger's wedding film moved you to tears, we can guarantee you are going to be obsessed with your own wedding film! The same way couples who don’t get a video at all often regret it, couples who hire an amateur videographer often regret this as well. Our pricing is a reflection of the incredible amount of time and care we put into the editing process - we put our whole hearts into each and every film. After a wedding shoot, we have a full day's worth of footage that we need to import, organize, and back up on several hard drives. We then sync multiple audio sources with several different camera angles, sift through every single clip to pick our favourite visuals, and most importantly, go through the entire ceremony and every speech to make sure we’ve selected the best audio moments. From there, we search for the perfect music and begin to craft your story. Did watching any of our films make you tear up, laugh, or grin from ear to ear even though you don’t know the couple? This comes down to how meticulously and intentionally we place each audio moment, each beat of the music, and every piece of imagery to create a piece that moves you. Our clients are always blown away by the final film and we’ve even had couples say it was the best money they spent on their day!
  • When will we receive our wedding film?
    In general, weddings that take place during the busy summer season (May - October), are delivered approximately 3-4 months after the wedding date. As mentioned above, we put so much time and care into each edit, and we never want to rush this creative process because it is what makes our films what they are. That said, we also don't want to make you wait 6 - 8 months, so our delivery timeline is a happy medium! We offer a Trailer as one of our add-on’s, for those that are eager to see a sneak peek of their day while we work away on their wedding film. Trailers are delivered 1 week after your wedding date.
  • Do you always capture drone footage?
    We wish we could capture drone footage at every wedding but this is not the reality. Transport Canada enforces extremely strict drone rules, so we can never guarantee drone footage because there are so many factors that come into play. The location of your wedding venue is the biggest factor. If it is within a certain distance to an airport, seaplane terminal or helicopter base (aka a "no-fly zone,") we cannot capture drone footage as it is illegal and incredibly dangerous to fly in these areas, and it comes with a hefty fine if you break this rule. If your venue is outside of these no-fly zones, we still need to receive permission from the venue/property owner. Another big factor is the weather. Safety is our highest concern, and we only launch the drone under the safest flight conditions, following all rules outlined by Transport Canada. If it is pouring rain or super windy, we won't fly the drone because it would be difficult to navigate it safely in inclement weather. All the above said, if we are legally and safely able to do so, we include drone footage at no extra cost!
  • How will you work alongside our Photographer?
    This is a common question and for good reason, your photographer(s) and videographers will be working together pretty much the entire day so this relationship is so important. Communication is key! We always reach out to your photographer before the big day to introduce ourselves, or maybe we've worked with him or her before! On the wedding day, we let the photographer take the lead while we capture those candid, in-between moments that happen during your photoshoot. We'll let the Photographer finish up in that location and then tag in quickly to get a few shots, and capture you walking hand in hand to the next spot. We’re very mindful of working together to get what both sides need!
  • Can you include our favourite song in the film?
    Unfortunately it is illegal for us to use copy-written music in your wedding film. We purchase music licenses from different websites including Music Bed, Art List, Soundstripe, and Noisely, which provides us with a massive catalogue of incredible music to choose from! If you have a certain genre or feel of music you love, definitely let us know so we can search for songs that fit your style. That said, you may be a fan of heavy metal, but it's safe to say that might not be the right fit for your wedding video. Music is an integral part of a wedding film and we often spend days choosing the perfect songs to tell your story!
  • How do we book you?
    We always meet with potential clients first for a free consultation to get to know you a little bit, tell you more about us as filmmakers, and to answer any questions you may have! If you live in the Cowichan Valley, we'd love to meet up for coffee/tea, and for out of town couples, Zoom or FaceTime is a great way to meet virtually! After our meeting, if you’d like to move ahead with booking us to capture your special day (yay!), we ask for a 50% deposit and signed contract to confirm your date. The remaining payment is due one week prior to the wedding date. Get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of our wedding films page
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