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The Story of Doreen | Memorial Film

Family Film Demo Reel

What is Your Family Legacy ? Watch the video below!

The Story of Erin & Sawyer
"I just looked at him & fell in love"
The Story of Tui & Maile
"All you need is Aloha"
The Story of David & Sandra
"All I ever wanted to be was an artist"
The Story of Don & Julie
"She's always gonna be a daddy's girl"
The Story of Tui & Maile
The Story of Fred & Sandra
"I went out with her as a bet"

Our co-founder, Jesse, was not able to meet all of his grandparents. He would always hear incredible stories from his family - funny anecdotes and fascinating war tales. He thought to himself, "how amazing would it have been to watch a video of them telling the story of their lives?" 

We want to help you leave your legacy in the form of a visual memoir. What helped shape you into the person you are today? What were your greatest milestones in life? What message do you want to pass on to your children?

You have the opportunity to share as much or as little as you'd like.

​We know, sitting down and telling your life story to a couple of strangers sounds intimidating right? It's our job to make you feel comfortable, and our private interview setting makes it easy. Before you know it, it will feel like having a conversation with old friends! 


You might be thinking, "well, I don't really have anything interesting to say," but trust us, everyone has a unique story! Our clients are always very grateful for this experience, and to have such a unique gift to share with their loved ones. 


Peter & Carolyn

Peter and I would like to give both of you a heartfelt thank you for the amazing video! We were blown away at how you blended the videos with the music and comments from our interview. We were impressed with your enthusiasm and dedication to your profession, you are both truly artists! You also made us feel comfortable and not pressured in any way. We have watched the video many times and each time it makes us smile and brings back the memories of that day with special fondness. Exceptional job, very happy with the results!

What can I say about our time with you guys. Well to start with, both of us were extremely camera shy. Your Legacy program changed that. You guys were so easy and comfortable to work with.  As parents, your whole life is geared to look after and provide for the kids, so for once it felt great to be the focus of attention and have our story told leaving behind a digital footprint for our kids and their families. We would never have thought of it on our own. So I guess we owe both of you a big thanks once again.

Fred & Sandra

Tui & Maile

We are so grateful to have taken the time to create our Legacy Video with Jesse and Karen. When we first decided to embark on this journey, we were a little curious not knowing what to expect, but their professionalism and gentleness created a platform that allowed us to relax, be ourselves and truly create a masterpiece that we are very grateful we can leave our children and our children’s children.  The experience was AMAZING.  Working on our Legacy Video has fueled our goal at a higher level to leave true inheritance, a true legacy that will be remembered and passed on.  We are truly blessed.  Thank you Jesse and Karen for this great experience. 

David and I met Jesse and Karen in February of 2016. I was very nervous, but within minutes I was relaxed and enjoying the interview. Their presentation was so beautiful and heart warming, that we all left with tears in our eyes. I would recommend them to everyone.

David & Kandi


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